Tile Grouts


Geosil Art® series of Coloured Quartz for your Tile Grout are available in wide range of colour gamut to match to your tile and beautify your overall look of the Floorings and Tile. This uniquely pigmented quartz are high resistant to colour bleeding and fading and offer high durability and aesthetic looks. The size offered are the blend coarse to fine grade to offer optimum packing distribution and thereby making is more durable and highly efficient.

    Multiple Benefits

  • Large gamut of colours
  • A well distributed particle size distribution
  • Long-lasting colour stability
  • Better colour fastness
  • highly suitable for hygiene based applications
Kitchens as an experience space

Tile Grouts a Symbol of Beautification

Coloured quartz based Tile grouts today have increased the flexibility for creativity due to avaiblaity in range of colour tones to have a perfect match and blend with your interior design and tile shades. Further now a day’s wider tile grouting from Quartz based system are becoming a highlight aspect in flooring. Further the key requirement of being more stable and less wear and tear it has become a prime choice of the applicators and the designers.


A Single Engineered Solution for all Tile grouting

Geosil art® series for coloured quartz is single engineered solution offered in range of size based of the tile groove requirement and the aesthetics to represent. They are well suited across all the tile joint application like Ceramic tile, vitrified tiles, stone joints, underwater swimming pool chips joints etc. It’s an ideal ready to use system which can eliminate the time consumed in processing the pigmentation and matching shades activity of the manufacturer. This ready to kit is compatible in both two pack and three pack epoxy system with range of resin and hardener compatibility.