Sports Turf and Grounds


Game, set and match in landscaping and sports facility construction

Dorfner sand products improves the playing experience at sports facilities. Grass and gravel surfaces are a thing of the past on today's soccer fields which are used by the general public. Players show their skills on artificial turf which is made of synthetic fibers and filled with Dorfner artificial turf sand. And who wants to spend their life painstakingly maintaining clay tennis courts? People would much rather play all year round on state-of-the-art infill tennis courts laid out with colourful GRANUCOL® DURA filler materials from Dorfner.


Good playing characteristics with Infill System

Dorfner is one of the pioneers in infill systems for today’s all-weather tennis courts. GRANUCOL® DURA is the right filler for infill technology because of its high level of compliance with the technical criteria. Dorfner adjusts the grain size distribution of GRANUCOL® DURA to ensure good drainage and quick drying. Tennis players are able to "slide" on this surface so that they can meet the ball perfectly just like on a real clay court. This reduces the stress on the musculoskeletal system and minimizes the risk of injury. Also, the ball bounces almost exactly the same way as tennis players, who are used to playing on real clay courts, expect.


Cutting-edge technology

GRANUCOL® DURA consists of quartz sand particles with rounded edges and a colour coating. They have outstanding UV stability and excellent abrasion resistance. GRANUCOL® DURA is available in a range of colours and shades which exactly match the carpet pile.

Customer benefits of GRANUCOL® DURA

  • UV-stable, resistant to abrasion
  • Perfectly adapted to player needs
  • Excellent ball bounce and athletic biomechanical properties
  • Very good drainage
  • Easy to spread and clean
  • Suitable for any infill system
  • Minimal cleaning effort, low maintenance costs