Geosil Art® Series of Coloured Quartz for floorings are available in range of colours and sizes to meet the combination of art and performance for your Floors. This uniquely pigmented quartz are highly resistant to colour bleeding and fading and offer high durability and aesthetic looks. This treated and coloured silica is carefully sized to achieve optimized packing in flooring formulations. Its exclusive coating process makes colour last longer and provides it acid and alkali resistance.


  • Gamut of colours
  • A well distributed particle size distribution and assorted sizes
  • Ready to use product compatible with multiple binder systems
  • Better UV stability and acid – alkali resistant
Kitchens as an experience space

Flooring Technology

Flooring is an integral part of an Infrastructure and also one of the critical. Flooring technology has evolved leaps and bound today from conventional systems. Geosil Art® has recognized that performance and aesthetics go hand in hand for modern flooring technology. Floors are engineered, designed and made to last. We are making sure that our products delight the engineer and the designer in you.

Geosil Art® for flooring is developed to make resinous floors look beautiful along with industry quality performance. It is compatible with all common binder systems and give industrial and commercial flooring exceptional durability. Geosil Art® is filler of choice when ease of use, durability of the floor, and engaging appearance are leading priorities.


Hygiene Floors

It’s important to keep our environment microbe free and for some manufacturing unit it’s a necessity. Geosil art® is an inert material with high durability which can be easily incorporated in PU based hygiene floors. Various colours can be used make floor look aesthetically appealing without using some harmful pigments. Further now a days the requirement for dust free and hygiene in major breweries, Pharmaceutical businesses has created a need for epoxy flooring for their plants. Geosil Art® having acid and alkali resistance is choice of filler for these kind of requirements. Easy to incorporate, multiple colour and abrasion resistance makes it perfect choice.

From development to market launch

Industrial Flooring

Flooring made with Geosil Art® fillers is very hard-wearing, making it ideal for surfaces which are exposed to rough treatment on a daily basis. They have excellent resistance to rolling loads, impact and exposure to chemicals. Multiple colours can be used to mark and highlight different section of shop floors, blend of colours can be used too to give more appealing looks based on your industry requirement.


Car Parking, Malls, Hotels, Terrazzo flooring

Geosil Art® can be found in various application where design and performance are required. Tough and colourful floor coats made with Geosil Art® are used for car parking decks and Mall floors. Epoxy based terrazzo floors with beautiful designs are possible with our fillers.