Texture Coat


Attractive appearance and excellent protection

Coloured stone plaster made with our colour quartz is an attractive option for everyone involved including manufacturers of resin-based plaster, builders, property owners and tenants, because the surfaces have an excellent appearance and are very durable. Our top-grade coloured quartz is the ideal choice for hard-wearing coloured stone plaster in large rental apartment buildings, for protection around the base of exterior walls and for creative wall designs at retail outlets or in the home.

Kitchens as an experience space

Build legacy and preserve it too

We have Coloured quartz range which can replicate heritage finishes at your home. We have unmatched selection of size, colour and mixes to create walls like royals.

Our colour quartz can also be used in restoration and repair work of heritage structures to make them last longer. UV stable, light fast colours to preserve the legacy.


Think texture, think us

We have exceptionally large colour range to choose from along with colour fidelity, good reproducibility and guaranteed long-term availability.