Functional fillers from Dorfner allow manufacturers of composite objects to break new ground in the language of design. The economic efficiency is never left out of sight. Fillers from Dorfner enable aesthetic objects in a manufactory look that can be profitably mass-produced with only minor adjustments in the production process. Regardless of whether the portfolio as a whole is to be raised to a new design level, or whether design-oriented series are to be positioned in the upscale market:
Dorfner‘s finest fillers are the first step in reinventing itself and its range.

    Multiple Benefits

  • Exceptional surfaces and pleasant feel
  • High mechanical and chemical resistance
  • Cost-effective production due to reduced use of binders
  • Simple processing, few process steps
Kitchens as an experience space

Limitless design options

Soothing feel and limitless variety of shapes – from a single source. Composite materials with Dorfner fillers give designers and manufacturers full freedom. They meet all the requirements of producers in terms of surface structure and design as well as weight, colour and flexibility of production.


Wide range of applications

High resistance, uncompromising hygiene and great design freedom: Dorfner fillers – for example, particularly pure crystal quartz flours – for composite materials open up numerous application possibilities in mineral-based composite objects.