Enhance the Aesthetics with
our Engineered Solutions


Kitchen Sink

GRANUCOL® series of Coloured quartz for your Sink gives a cutting edge with its high aesthetic look with distinct feature if high filler loading with less rein consumption thereby reducing considerable amount of cost and creating a master price of art in itself.


Tile Grouts

Geosil Art® series of Coloured Quartz for your Tile Grout are available in wide range of colour gamut to match to your tile and beautify your overall look of the Floorings and Tile. This uniquely pigmented quartz are high resistant to colour bleeding and fading and offer high durability and aesthetic looks.



Geosil Art® Series of Coloured Quartz for flooring are available in range of colours and sizes to meet the combination of art and performance to being that excellent craftsmanship to you Floors. This sand are highly resistant to flooring stability requirement, further they are also offered in blends of colour combination to your need.



GRANUCOL® series of Coloured sand for the composite are suitable for varies application like resinous quartz based table tops , ceramic bathroom wares, unique 3D tiles etc. where the Granucol® offers high mechanical and chemical resistance to the finished product with high aesthetic aspirations.


Texture Coats

Exterior walls, particularly around the base, can be protected against wind and weather with very attractive coloured stone plaster. The plaster also looks nice on interior walls, particularly at railing height in stairwells. Our colour Coloured quartz sand and MIX are ready-to-use blends, ideal for resin-based coloured stone plaster. They have a hard quartz core and tough colour coating. They are available in an extensive range of shades, and the colour fastness and UV stability of these products are second to none.